About us

100% YOU – with Daniel Mason

Individuality carries a name. Individuality carries your name. You have your own head, your own style and go your own way. Nobody knows you as well as you know yourself. You are not a copy, but the original with just the right amount of understatement. Nobody but you decides how you present yourself and with which jewelry you set accents.

As the new brand for exclusive jewelry Daniel Mason accompanies you on your very own way. Minimalist in design, high-quality in material and manufacturing, Daniel Mason jewelry clearly leaves you the lead.

It is not the jewelry that makes you special: It is the jewelry that underlines your own style. Each piece is unique and can tell its own story. That’s why it fits you and is as individual and exclusive as your life. Your jewelry from Daniel Mason does not push itself into the foreground, it is a part of you. “Details Matter” is the motto of your new jewelry brand.

Where are you going, what are your plans, how do you see your future? With your jewelry from Daniel Mason your future starts right now. Just like yourself, your accessories are of timeless elegance and everlasting value. You can see that at first glance, so you don’t have to explain yourself in either way. The jewelry for your confidence comes from Daniel Mason. Genuine, authentic and handcrafted from solid silver, it is never too much. Just like you: 100% self-confident, 100% yourself.