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Bend cuffs

Our cuffs (bangles) have a one-size-fits-all design, but are flexible due to the material and can therefore be easily adjusted to fit any wrist. The perfect fit is therefore guaranteed!

This is how you adjust the size of your cuff:

1. Adjust cuff size: When putting on your cuff for the first time, push or pull evenly on both sides to adjust it to your wrist size. This adjustment should only be done once.

Avoid re-bending the cuff after fitting as this can lead to fatigue and breakage. Instead, use a rotating motion when putting on and taking off your cuff.

Make sure that the cuff is not too tight. It should be comfortable and loose.

2. Cuff tightening: To put the cuff on after fitting, it is moved over the wrist in a rotating motion.

3. Remove the cuff: Rotate your cuff in the opposite direction as you slowly remove it from your wrist.

If you follow these points, the cuff is guaranteed to last a lifetime. And if it doesn't, don't panic! With our lifetime guarantee, you're covered even in the event of a fatigue fracture, just get in touch with our support team: